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Ribbon Cutting

Join us this Saturday for our Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!

Saturday's Schedule

9:00- Opening

Bluebird Yoga Beginner Yoga Class-FREE

10:00- Ribbon Cutting

First Hourly Giveaway

11:00- Bluebird Yoga Vinyasa Yoga Class-FREE

Second Hourly Giveaway

12:00- Third Hourly Giveaway

1:00- Bluebird Yoga Beginner Yoga Class-FREE

Fourth Hourly Giveaway

2:00- Fifth Hourly Giveaway

2:30- Bluebird Yoga Parent & Kiddo Class-FREE

3:00- Sixth Hourly Giveway

3:30- Bluebird Yoga Beginner or Vinyasa Yoga Class-FREE

4:00 Grand Prize Giveaway

We hope to see you at the Homestead!



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