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Natural Face Mask

When making our products we stay away from all synthetic ingredients. We feel like it is important that the products we make include only ingredients found in nature.

Let me introduce you to our face masks.

Our Lavender Blue face mask is perfect for all skin types! This mask includes dried blue cornflower petals and lavender buds that are known for helping with inflammation. Mix with aloe for dry to combination skin and witch hazel or water for oily skin.

Our Sage Green face mask is perfect for oily skin. Sage is know for its drying and anti-microbial properties. This mask can be mixed with water or for extra support witch hazel especially in areas where blackheads occur.

Our Rose Pink face mask is perfect for all skin types. Rose petals and the pink clay in the mask are known to have astringent properties. To use this mask mix with milk or yogurt to help bring out the skin softening alpha hydroxy acids.

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