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I've had a lot of new people join our website and I am so excited you have found my little store!

My name is Heather and I am a momma of 4 living babies and one angel baby. I have always loved to craft and create things for myself and others; in 2018 my youngest started kindergarten and I was still grieving from the lost of my last baby when I decided I needed to do something to bring myself back from all that loss. So I decided to take my love for crafting and turn it into a business.

I started planning and talking to GROW Highland County which is an organization that helps people like me start our own businesses. Through them I was able to turn my dream into a reality and Mother Cluckers Farmhouse opened in July of 2019.

My goal for the store was to not only give me a place to sell my crafts and products but to give other local crafters a venue to sell their crafts. The store houses not only my products but the art of 8 other artisans including 2 young entrepreneurs! So when you shop the Farmhouse you are not only supporting my family but 8 others!

A big part of my items at the store are all natural bath and body products; including bath bombs, lotions, sugar scrubs, lip balm, salves and other natural remedies. I have a passion for all natural chemical free products after learning about all the harmful things that are snuck into our bodies through our largest organ the skin! Did you know a baby is born with an average of 200 chemicals in their umbilical cord?! I was shocked when I learned this in one of my Herbalism classes! So my ultimate goal for the store is to provide safe chemical free products that smell good and don't harm your skin!

In 2020 I started taking Herbalism classes so that I could learn how to fulfill my passion for chemical free bath and body as well as learn how to help people feel better without having to traditional medicine. It's taken me a long time to finish my first class but I'm almost done and have so much to add to the store from it! I'm also signed up for several other classes that I can't wait to start! So I can pass on what I learned to help all of you!

I hope this little/long introduction has helped understand what the Farmhouse stands for and why it is in existence. That it makes you want to come visit me and feel for yourself the joy that this little business brings to me and the other artisans who's beautiful items are in the store. It's more than a business for me; it's my happy place and I hope when you leave it you will take a little bit of that happy with you.

Heather Hughes

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