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Are you properly cleansing, moisturizing and hydrating your face?

Did you know that moisturizer and hydrator are different?

Hydrators are ingredients that bring water to the skin (humectants), plumping it and keeping it supple. 

Moisturizers are ingredients that bring emollients (oils) to the skin, smoothing it and helping lock in the hydration.

All skin types require hydration and moisturizing. All skin types can get dehydrated if they lose too much water.

Likewise, your skin may be well hydrated, but if you lack a proper protective barrier (i.e., the skin’s own oil production is inadequate) your skin will feel dry, because the water is lost by evaporation.


We have created a 3 step facial line to help you maintain beautiful skin. 


Step 1 Face wash (customer favorite) We use a combination of essential oils for 4 different types of skin.  Sensitive/Typical, Anti-aging, Dry and Oily skin, 


Step 2  Hydrator will also help restore the barrier function of the skin, so it’s useful in healing and protecting it, slowing down water loss by evaporation. It has also been shown to have antiviral properties,


Step 3  Moisturizer is used while your face is still wet from the hydrator to help lock in moisture and leave you feeling refreshed!

Face Care Set

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