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Hughes Bro Candy Co Intro!

We are excited to announce that we now have freeze dried candy available in the store! Made with love by the Hughes Bro Candy Co and we promise you won't be disappointed when you try it!

Our current selections are: skittles, chewy sweettarts, caramels and bit o honey!

Freeze drying takes chewy candy and makes it crunchy! Which makes it a safe choice for kiddos with braces or people who don't love sticky candy!

We have 3 sizes available:

Large $8

Medium $5

Taste Tester $1

While we aren't exactly sure how well the nerd or caramels will ship because they are a little fragile we are happy to ship these freeze dried confections to you! We'be heard the candy dust is really good wirh a dum dum sucker dipped in them so we will send one with your order just incase!

Happy Saturday everyone!

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