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In 4 days we will start a new year; 365 days of blank pages and fresh starts! With the start of a new year comes new goals, hopes and dreams and these things are no different for my business.

The store needs to grow and expand; we have our goals but we want to know what you would like to see!

Here are a few of our goals:

  1. More Classes both craft and informational.

  2. We need to fix up the electric in the store and the ceiling: anyone have creative ideas on how to do that?

  3. The roof and the awning also both need replaced; growth is expensive lol

  4. We will be adding a few new lines! (anyone have any guesses?)

Personal Goals:

1. Eat better

2. Exercise more

3. Find my joy (anyone else lose theirs every once in a while?)

Life is hard, the world can be hard but we hope the store can bring a little joy to those who come to it. We would love to know what YOU would like to be able to find in the store; so drop a comment, message or stop in!

Here's to a New Year and New Goals!


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