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Naked Pineapple Soap Company


Natural Water Source Soap

You know the feeling of stepping into the ocean and feeling the salt water heal your skin? We decided to make it into a soap. As each of us has vacationed this year, we have collected water from different oceans and powerful water sources all along the way, and used this in our soap recipes.

So let us introduce our new soap line from the Naked Pineapple soap company.

Locally made in Ohio.

Who We Are

Bridget, Heather and Darcie

We are three best friends who have known each other longer than we haven't. Actually since 4th grade for those that are doing the math.We traveled last year to Marco Island to celebrate our 40th birthdays and realized that the salt water healed our souls. Why not bring that feeling into your home?


We decided to bring a little bit of vacation home with us from the sea (during tropical storm Agatha) and make it into soap. It didn't take us long to collect water from different vacation spots that family and friends helped gather along the way. We have made soap with water from Vermont to Florida, the Bahamas, Haiti and even water from the Dead Sea!!!

Recently we have added a few more helpers to our growing business as we know it takes a village. Look for their bios this week.

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